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There is a longing for human beings to live in resonance with inner contentment + satisfaction; to live a life aligned with their values and purpose, to quiet the busy mind and self-sabotaging voice, and to confidently share their unique contribution. This is leading for self. One modality to utilize and tune into leading for self is coaching and leadership development. This work isn't work for me. In fact, it lights me up.

I am an ambitious, effervescent, grounded, purpose-driven, rural-rooted individual, and I wear a variety of hats - wife, mom, coach, business owner. My high school sweetheart, turned husband, and I have two sons.  We live in London, Ontario. 

Though immersed in the financial services industry for over a decade, I started my journey into coaching in 2013 with the Co-Active Coaches Training Institute - widely recognized as the most rigorous professional coach training and certification program in the industry. I became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) in 2015. With extensive coaching experience (1000+ hours), and proficient demonstration of core coaching skills, I received my Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) attained through the International Coach Federation in 2018. Throughout my journey as a coach practitioner I've taken part in leadership development courses to widen my range on the topic of leadership.

My why . . .  

While working in a business environment I recognized the value of coaching and development. Leaders have a lot of influence. Those who subscribe to the pursuit of growth not only feel strong and sound, but create an engaging, stimulating, and prosperous environment which breeds satisfaction across the board - actually, across the planet. We need more of this. 


Aside from helping to create a more fulfilled population, fully experiencing my family and setting aside time to nourish me is where I am supposed to be. This allows me to show-up with a healthy mix of knowing what's right, and the stamina to get things done.


With my special coaching skill-set and motivation, I promise to help you: kindle your potential, develop your leadership skills & presence, call out what's not serving, drive you (and your business) forward, and hold you accountable to what's important to you.


I love what I do.





"Katie, I was drawn to working with you because of your relentless and creative mindset toward growth & creativity. You enable new possibilities and perspective beyond what I discover on my own. I feel recharged after sessions and experience greater focus and alignment with what's important for execution. Thank you. Keep kicking ass!"


Katie, you allow us to remain aligned and committed to our mission and core values so we feel grounded and assured in our journey forward. We are able to keep our dialogue open and heard, reach for higher goals, and fuse our relationship with collaborative energy. You are an exceptional coach and have been instrumental in helping us grow, evolve & thrive. You are a true force for the greater good. 



"Katie, you helped me raise the bar for myself and provide me with the reassurance and confidence to find my own voice. The words 'thank you' do not seem adequate enough to express what you have done for me. You ARE a powerful and courageous person, and a coach who is very special. Thank you for always standing in my corner, and encouraging me to be true to myself and to those around me."

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