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Individual Coaching

Individual 1:1 coaching with Katie Wright is tailored to business owners, executives, and mid-level leaders in all stages of their game. Each coachee chooses coaching for their own unique objective. The common thread for all is to fuel their professional and personal development trajectory toward the direction of their desire. Common objectives include: vision clarity, business growth and development, leadership skill development, expand personal reach or brand, power-up mindset, manage stress, navigate challenge or blocks, overcome what's preventing growth or forward momentum, whole-life balance and well-being. 


Clients can expect to receive a greater sense of clarity and self-assurance as they discover their own unique path to expansion, possibility, and fulfillment. It's a myth or sabotaging belief that hiring a coach is a sign of weakness; in fact it is a sign of strength and self-respect. Working with Katie is a commitment to navigating personal and professional life with purpose and vitality. 

Coaching Within Organizations

Professional coaching and leadership development is one secret to a company's success. Great companies are expected not only to set their team up for success, but to help them sustain it. Given coaching fosters a collaborative, engaging, and prosperous environment, it encourages quality leadership, greater focus, higher productivity, team collaboration, and achievement within the workplace.

Katie offers three different forms of professional coaching within an organization: one-on-one individual sessions, group roundtable strategy sessions, and group workshops. 

How coaching works

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to an individual or group's success. In order for coaching to have a transformative and lasting effect, new clients make a minimum commitment of 12 individual sessions, meeting two times per month to build consistency and momentum. Sessions last up to 1 hour by video-call, phone, or in-person (at Wortley Wellness, London ON). 


For coaching that is sponsored for talent within an organization or group, a customized plan is designed upon exploration of needs and objectives.


Book a 30 minute, no charge, exploration consultation via video or phone call to get a feel for Katie's coaching process and determine if you are a fit for one another. 

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