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Katie Wright, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, works with driven + growth-oriented business owners and leaders who are new to a role or established in their journey, create a prosperous and successful path that honours their potential and personal fulfillment. 


The coaching  experience, designed by Katie and backed by the The Co-Active Training Institute, is a distinct process that provides the space for leaders to develop themselves, inspire their individual performance, and drive business results. 

Skilled in supporting leaders to align with their core values and purpose, and breakthrough sabotage and stagnancy, Katie helps her clients experience growth, attainment, positive reach, and whole life well-being.

what is coaching Like? 

Leadership coaching is a key step toward success and personal fulfillment for those motivated to expand, achieve, and experience whole-life well-being. Coaching provides the opportunity to checkout of the everyday hustle to create the space to remain focused, and empowered to leverage strengths and capabilities. What's different about Katie's style of coaching is it's not through teaching or training, but rather through deep listening, thought-provoking curiosity, and the ability to challenge conditioned beliefs that no longer serve where clients uncover greater self-awareness and activate their own tailored steps toward their ideals. With this unique coaching style Katie inflicts lasting, meaningful impact.

Katie offers individual one-on-one (1:1) sessions, 1:1 sessions within organizations, and facilitates group round-table sessions or workshops. 

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