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Restoration: Key to a Professional's Success

The month of August is sleepy, and out of office alerts are on. If you’re a client of mine you know I’m a heavy advocate for disconnect, recharge and time away from work for so many benefits. Truthfully it’s sometimes hard to get there – ‘there’ being that relaxed, restorative place.

Business owners and leaders of people & projects can feel guilty for taking time off, and thoughts within can sound like, ‘what if a ball gets dropped, what if someone needs me, what if I miss an opportunity, what if they think I’m not vested in my work’ .. etc, etc.

During vacation the overworked mind can continue to wander solving problems and strategizing. Rest-assured it’s normal and it’s okay – especially for business owners, those in producing-type roles, and conscientious-beings at heart. Typically by mid-vacay, once you’ve been away from work stimulus long enough, you have a better chance of getting to restorative moderelaxed, present to your surroundings, mind dialled down, feeling equilibrium within (a balanced body, mind, spirit).

How do you get to restorative mode more readily? I can’t answer for you, but I can answer for me. I can remind myself of the value and power of time-off.

Time-off allows for:

- Unblocking to find clarity. Being away from it all allows new insight to trickle in, or thought patterns to revise themselves to view things in a different light.

- A quieted mind to awaken true spirit and recalibrate to what’s important to you as a whole. This brings a fulfilling sense of peace and harmony.

- Creating a future for stronger, healthier performance, or potentially becoming better at your craft or expertise once you get back at it.

- Greater motivation to keep going, perhaps to achieve new heights or take the facets of your life to a different level.

- Making better, faster more precise decisions. Sluggish decisions are a drag and energy drain .. now you can lighten up.

- A polished version of you .. and a polished *you* can attract a whole assortment of goods.

It’s not earth-shattering, but this statement works for me; “it is what it is.” It means to me that time-off is part of the recipe for showing up at my best as a professional, mother and wife. If a ball drops, an opportunity is missed, or my absence ruffles the flow of the whole system then so be it. Time off is essential to enjoy a whole, full life. If you’re like me and you love what you do, you’re ready to rock and get back to doing your thing – contributing, serving, making an impact, and knowing you get the treat of time-off & lasting memories down the road again.


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