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Attn: All Professionals! SEVEN Surefire Signs to Hire a Coach

Hiring a coach is a big decision. It causes change, a shift from the ordinary, openness, vulnerability – not to mention an investment of time and money.

On the flip, have you ever thought about what it costs you to NOT work with a coach?

We've come a long way in evolution. Check out below and see which one, two, or seven of these reasons for hiring a coach hits home for you?

1. You’ve plateaued.

Life is like Groundhog Day – day in, day out, rinse, repeat. You know you have much more potential. You even know you have the capability. Maybe you’re already driven, or maybe you need a kick.

With a coach you get clear on what you want by setting intentions, ideals, and destination

With coaching you invite the opportunity to

2. You’re a LEADER and you’ve got big expectations.

Do a bunch of people report to you or look up to you whether in business or on a public stage? Wherever you are called to exist as a you have some big shoes to fill. There’s an audience - boardroom, on stage, or amongst followers – people are looking to you craving your direction and inspiration.

You have the chance to impact, inspire, and influence. Your presence is powerful and your approach not only has an impact on the success of the project, but an impact on engagement, performance, and the well-being of others.

Do you take it as a personal responsibility to set a good example and show up strong? How well do you inspire?

One of my favourite quotes from leadership buff, Simon Sinek:

“Leading is not the same as being the leader. Being the leader means you hold the highest rank, either by earning it, good fortune or navigating internal politics. Leading, however, means that others willingly follow you—not because they have to, not because they are paid to, but because they want to.”

3. You need space to focus on you.

Life is busy. You feel pulled in all directions trying to fit it all in. Work, kids’ schedules, workouts, romance, social, self-care ... there is a lot.

Coaching provides space to shut off your energizer brain and align with your whole self. When you unplug you will uncover fascinating insight: “what’s really important to me? What do I really want?” Then you choose to engage in the stuff that fills you up, and you shed the stuff that does not.

The outcome: a re-vitalized you.

4. Your head and heart are out of sync.

I’ve got a phrase I’ve coined called, ‘. There is urgency for us to move with our heart, rather than our head or our body’s.

When your mind tells you, ”smile, be agreeable”, but your heart feels sad, there’s a disconnect. This is not your authentic self, and it creates havoc amongst your whole self. Operating from this disconnected space builds negative energy, poor health, anger, impatience, and blame; costing you joy, and the ability to be present with yourself and those you love. Not a fun place to be.

A coach can help to uncover where you are out of alignment, or not on course with your authentic self, so that you can feed your heart and spirit with good energy and start taking action from your heart :: heart moves

5. That trash talk in your head goes round + round like news-ticker-tape.

Any of these sound familiar?

.. “I can’t go after that superstar client, they would laugh in my face.”

.. “Sally across the hall has it so much better”

.. “I better stay quiet on this side because I don’t want rock the boat.”

.. “If I show too much assertiveness they’ll think I’m a jack-a$$ or b*tch”

.. “I’m just not good enough”

.. “I have to do it all myself”

Are these thoughts really true? That’s for you and your coach to decide. In all likelihood ... ‘no’. They are just thoughts, not actually factual, and in most cases our brain makes up this dissonance.

Whatever you call them: trash talk, sh*tty committee, limiting beliefs, gremlins, cognitive dissonance, saboteurs – it’s junk that occupies valuable real estate in our mind and mindset affecting our essence.

The one benefit these thoughts do serve is the ability to recognize them and detour around them in a manner that does serve. A coach will help to fan the flame to the space that honours positive, good, wholesome thoughts; and connect us to our inner wise one who channels joy, authenticity, resiliency, vibrancy, courage, knowingness, passion, and drive. This space is the fun space.

6. You love transformation not just transactions.

The transactional bi-products of coaching are: promotion achieved, pounds lost, races won, business opened, targets hit, relationship revitalized, etc.

But coaching can be more than that.

The transformational bi-products of coaching are related to our being, energy, and spirit. Think along the lines of how we feel, how we show up, or how we carry ourselves. Things like being known as, or feeling: certain, assertive, disciplined, laid back, easy, free-spirited, edgy, provocative, loving. Transformation is part of our journey in pursuing self-actualization – feeling our full potential.

Good coaches care about helping their clients achieve transactional results; great coaches care more about the transformational ones. Great coaches want you to step into new emotional and spiritual territory. Ask a friend to hold you accountable to achieve a specific goal; hire a coach to transform you along the way so you can feel deeply connected to your journey, in touch with the person you are becoming, and make it a lasting impact toward your highest and best self.

7. You are human.

And the final reason to explore coaching: humans are meant to evolve. When are we ever done growing? We feel more fulfilled when we grow, expand, experience and achieve. End of story.

A coach is part of your commitment to evolution. Remember, once you climb to the top of the mountain, there is likely another mountain, or at least a cloud to lie down on and ponder which direction the next mountain is. It is your responsibility to take care of this; no one else will.

If you are intrigued by any or all of these reasons for pursuing a coach, then I invite you to try a sample coaching session as my gift to you. I like creating space to support these conversations, and for the earth to be in receipt of good people’s potential.

Trust this curiosity that you have; you will not regret taking a step for your own personal development and fulfillment.

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