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Chill Out, or Eye on the Prize?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The answer is both. However .. it's time that we put greater effort on chilling out part. Our prize pot of gold truly does lie within.

We work hard, we strive, we move, we move faster, we compare, we contrast, we dissect, we analyze, we over-analyze. Being on the ‘road’, or headed up the ‘climb’, can leave us feeling worn out, frazzled, resentful, lost, and uncertain of the future. There’s a voice within that strives for accomplishment, rarely satisfied with what is. I hear it often. Within myself at times, and especially with hi-performers. “Keep your head down, keep working hard, and the next pot of gold will be right around the corner.” When the gold arrives it just doesn't feel as satisfying as you thought it’d be, so on to the next and the race continues.

Typically the coaching & personal development space is thought of as a place for achieving, getting somewhere, being challenged, building new skills, striving, expanding.” Catch the theme? More, more, more.

Contradictory as this may sound to the purpose of development and growth, the truth is, it can be both: i) accomplishing more and ii) appreciating what is. To make life a rewarding experience it is crucial that we stop, look out at the view, and appreciate what we have and what is. Otherwise what's all of this endurance for?

Working on yourself can be a place to cool-off and chill-out. This place is pleasure .. a place to truly relish in.

More be, less do. More slow, less fast. More stop, less go. More soft, less hard.

So what does this 'chill', leaned back mode look like?

Aside from practices like: turning off digital, vegging out, vacationing, meditating, light reading, mindful quality time with loved ones, in the coaching space it’s when we focus on the whole human being -honouring thy heart and soul.

  • Giving yourself credit

  • Acknowledging accomplishments thus far

  • Paying thanks to the learnings, the detours, the challenges & mis-steps along the way

  • Counting your blessings

  • Paying gratitude within and to those around you

  • Re-framing and seeing perspective

It is in these moments that newfound clarity comes to us. Refined alignment with what we truly want, and greater insight on how best to move forward. It is also self-compassion and spirit rejuvenation - wholesome nutrition for your soul. You will see that you have all that you need. You are enough as is and your worth isn't based on the accomplishment you're striving for.

Is it ok to want more?

Of course it’s ok to want to set out and DO. That's how we (the population) can receive the product of your passion & creativity, and that's likely a component of what makes you happy.

It's when body, mind, soul are in congruency that the path forward makes for an enjoyable one.

If this leaned back version is appealing to you, then embrace it. Incorporate these mindset and soul-set practices as part of your daily regime, or push pause all together and give yourself permission to take all the time you need.

As a wrap ...

Take a moment and take stock of the blessings, and innate wisdom that you already have. Re-frame or see perspective in what you're experiencing. Appreciate your gifts thus far: your learnings, your wins, and your losses. Life’s too short to live without the lean-back and gratitude for what is. Rest and honour thy whole self. When it’s time, be intentional - aligned with what’s important and what you truly desire. From this place watch the power in your performance and reap true satisfaction and reward.

This is in fact a transformative component of personal development. Transforming your being and existence. What a gift and example to share with others.

Enjoy the practice..

With love,



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