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Event: Leader Recalibrate, October 2020

Since March 2020, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic here in North America, leaders have been running a marathon without any formal training or preparation. They were first running this marathon on adrenaline, but 7 months later they're running out of steam. They've been tasked with navigating barriers, changing directions, calling on their innovation and creativity, drawing on resources; not to mention

the load of taking care of their work, team members, clients, and family members. Little has been left to take care and take stock for themselves.

I created Leader Recalibrate, 2 pro-bono coaching sessions for 5 individual recipients, as a pause and re-set. I based the initiative on 5 big coaching inquiries so the recipient could walk away with a sense of clarity, rejuvenation and stamina.

The initiative is now complete, however it proved success! I'm happy to have had the opportunity to share this with leaders. Leaders we care about you, and we need you to feel strong and well so you can have the impact you desire, and be able to set the appropriate example for others to follow.

Coaching explorations are available via a 30 minute no-charge consultation. I explain what coaching is/isn't, get curious about where you are and where you want to go, and share how coaching can fit into your life. Sign up at the link below to get started.

I do look forward to what's to come..



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