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Rainbows + Unicorns + Personal Responsibility, Oh My!

So which word doesn’t feel like a natural fit in that title? Not a real brain buster. How about the one that starts with p and ends in responsibility. Think about this though, when we take we take responsibility, rainbows and unicorns can be found on the other side. Oh, and maybe even a magical leprechaun along the way too. Hear me out ..

It feels incredibly rewarding to accomplish a goal or claim victory. It’s because we took the reigns and took responsibility to exude effort, focus, discipline, determination, even sacrifice - all those mighty ingredients. Like finishing a good sweat session where we tore through muscle fibres and reached new oxygen levels, we feel proud of reaching the end - proud of all the blood, sweat, and tears.

What else is it to be personally responsible both physically & emotionally? Here are some additional secret ingredients that give personal responsibility it's shape and identity.

Consciousness. Being mindful and present to the experience of what is happening. Consciously and intentionally making choices forward. This is a skill that requires great practice and focus in a world with too many distractions.

Self-Reflection. Looking within and getting curious with self, rather than analyzing someone else. “How do I want show up? How did I show up, and how do I want to be different? What will I create from this experience?

Courage & Advocacy. Standing up and speaking up for yourself, or others, and the cause that’s so important. Asking and designing for what’s needed in order to flourish and prosper. This often times takes courage. Beauty muscle to build.

Creation. Creating new. New ideas, relationships, opportunities, habits that will help get you to where you want to go.

Commitment. Standing firmly, proudly, and fully dedicated to yourself, and the goal or objective as a whole – and of course doing your damnedest to put forth your best effort.

Being Wrong. Accepting that it is okay to be wrong, to fail, and to fall down. You’re going to be wrong somewhere along the way. Own these detours with Mr. Ego checked at the door. No blaming or pointing fingers. Instead, guide yourself or others to the best course of action. The bad and the ugly are just hurdles or sign-posts, and most importantly learning opportunities.

Letting Go. Relinquishing control. Putting forth your best (the part about being committed), and letting the rest work itself out. You’ll either win, fail, or learn something along the way. This letting go piece requires patience. How many of us have room to build more patience? I do! Also – remember that we can’t control others’ actions or behaviours; all we can control are our own. Too much energy can be wasted in that mind rodeo when we’re in control mode.

Acceptance. Accepting that we are all different, and we are all whole. At first glance the latter part of this sentence may feel untrue. Feel contentment knowing that your version of whole looks different than another’s version of whole. Being open to different perspectives and accepting that everyone’s feathers are unique brings peace. Flaunt your feathers and accept the other colours and designs that you see around you.

Quality Thoughts. Being aware of your thoughts and filtering them. Is this thought serving me? Will it help me get what I want, or enrich my life experience? Or do I need to flush this thought because it’s sabotaging me. Choose abundance, choose open mindedness, choose optimism.

Pain and Discomfort. New skills and habits always feel hard at first and definitely messy. It’s muscle tear down and re-build. Normal. Get your eye on the main prize and choose your powerful mindset to bear through.

Investment. Taking responsibility costs resources. Money in most cases, and always time. You are well worth both of these assets.

Which ingredient can you afford to add a dash more of into your life? Is it looking within? Is it recalibrating your thoughts? Or, is it investing in yourself? I bet there is attention to be paid in more than one of these areas, after all we are all only human.

You can choose to take charge of yourself .. choose to grow .. choose to get uncomfortable. If you want different, then choose to do the work. Pull up your big boy or big girl pants and make choices to better your life experience. Welcome to the personal development space where rainbows and unicorns can be found. The journey may not always be dreamy, but you can choose powerfully and pack these special ingredients into your backpack for the road. It’s a beautiful place to be - and believe me, you are in real good company.

With love,



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