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The One Last Gift to Buy this Holiday Season

December is a full month of holiday swing and 2019 business wrap, not to mention a decade closing out too! Amongst this hustle there’s one more pertinent piece to remember ... you.

T'is the season of giving and selflessness, but what can’t be forgotten is that the giving and acts of kindness wouldn’t be possible without you. How valuable and rewarding it is to your soul to show yourself some love in honour of all that you are, and all that you do.

So what special gift are you longing to unwrap for yourself?

Tangible, intangible - you get to choose. You also get to choose the cost – hefty price tag or no price at all.

Aside from the obvious, and purchasing something store-bought, a gift for self could also be:

- time for yourself - space to check-out of the bustle and be still

- signing up for a class

- a down payment on something you’ve been dreaming about

- sleeping in

- a call to a friend to extend an invite for lunch or a drink

- a day to read or catch up on your show

- making a decision on something you’ve been putting off

- time to ponder a new goal or challenge for the upcoming year

- time to start or finish a special project or creation

- a tap on the shoulder to simply sit down and reflect on what's good

There's nothing to lose by taking this time to craft up a gift especially for you. Here's my urge for you ... take the time, take what you need, and make this intentional choice. Whatever it is, you will know.

Be surprised how this gift will not only fill you up, but how the energy you exude once you’ve honoured yourself will radiate.

Act now ... before new demands, priorities, and to-dos come flooding through your gates.

Enjoy and have some fun with this! Life is meant to be fun. And so too is this season!

Holiday wishes and the best of the season ..

With love, k.


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