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Various Ways to Lead Yourself + Others During the COVID19 Shake

How are you leading yourself + others during the face of COVID19? Big efforts like inspiring the group, to small ones like checking in with yourself are all components of leadership. Take a look and see what else inspires you to lead from a positive force..

Leading Yourself:

1.Get clear on what you’re after. What’s your vision, or your mission? Has it shifted as a result of the pandemic? What gets you fired up about this mission, or makes it so attractive? Now re-write your goals and intentions. I recommend dedicating early morning to this assignment – a fresh mind after a restful sleep. Re-visit this exercise often to keep your flames fueled.

2. Design what you need. What’s going to set you up for success? Ask your work & home colleagues for what you need. Create boundaries or agreements. Do you need space, do you need help, do you need collaboration, do you need more quiet time, do you need to get up earlier to have time for yourself? Be an advocate for yourself and have the conversation to ask for what you need. Then ask them what they need.

3. Create good habits. Like designing what you need, create healthy habits that will help keep your head on straight. Habits that will help separate work from home. Ex. 10 minute break every 90 mins, daily form of exercise, rise 1 hour before the rest, no email on weekends.

4. Look for the wins and the goods happening – the small and big ones. Ex. tasks complete, new business deals, attempts made, awareness of next steps, good connections. Take a look. The wins are there. How can you leverage some of these positives or successes, and go really wild and celebrate them?!

5. Be grateful. Jot down 5 things you’re grateful for. No need to stop at 5. Why are you grateful? Make sure you’ve got something on that list about what you’re grateful for about yourself.

6. Be conscious of what’s real vs. made-up. An honest check-in, “is this credible info?", will help keep you steady on your feet. Catch also that you’re not consumed in a negativity-bias (over consumption of tragic news, toxic conversations) – this stuff interferes with your mindset and total well-being.

7. Acceptance. What is it you need to accept about the situation so it doesn’t cost or rob you of energy or spirit? What’s in your control vs. not in your control? It feels better to accept and allow, than to be caught in resistance mode.

8. Check-in with your gut. What’s your intuition, your sense of inner knowing, got to say for you? In lots of cases this instinct is a reliable one.

9. Personal expansion. Invest time/money in something that will grow you. Listen to content, read something, sign up for a class -- you choose.

10. Step into what you’ve been putting off. Is it a goal, a task, a conversation, or is it yourself you've been putting off? Overarching to-dos or avoidances are energy drains. Go lift some weight off. Spending time on you .. no brainer .. good for the soul so you can show up recharged and refreshed.

11. Step out of your comfort zone. There’s no time like the present to stop dancing around the perimeter, and express who you really are. Flaunt your feathers. Take a leap. What's possible on the other side?

12. Pause and slow down. Take an adult time-out. Sit down. Lie down. Watch a show. Sit in the sun. Maybe read fiction over non-fiction. Rest your body and mind. Regenerate your spirit.

13. Ask for help. Yes leaders can ask for help. Step back. Let someone else guide the way. Or at least have them support you. Cool your jets. You can’t do it all.

Now .. Ways to Lead For Others:

1. Engage + empower your troops. Especially when you are clear on your vision. Get them excited about it too. Your troops are here to serve you and support you. Spark their interest in the vision. Why do you need them? Tell them why they’re great for the mission. Make them feel valued. This isn't just work related. Apply it to home too.

2. Be of service. Who needs your help right now, personally and/or professionally? Leadership is not always about leading from the front, or top-down. Who can you support? Check-in with them and see how they’re doing. Listen to what they’re saying or not saying. Create space for them. How can you be of service to them?

3. Stimulate with good energy. Shift the conversation to what’s good or what's exciting. Spark new conversations. Get creative. Loosen up. Have fun. Life ought not to be so serious all the time.

4. Demonstrate good habits so others can mimic (or at least not feel intimidated). No need to burn the midnight oil if it’s really not necessary. Avoid burn-out, and avoid this happening to others as well.

5. Give back. Do you have resources to contribute to a cause, or to something or someone you care about? Support your own circle, or look online for ways to support your neighbourhood, community, or province.

6. Show honesty + realness .. for you are human. Don’t let your ego take too tight of grip and force you to have it together all the time. You don’t have to have all the answers. When you express authenticity and real human character you allow the environment to be more natural, open, accepting, forgiving and relaxed. What better way to foster good energy, quality collaboration, and impeccable work.

What will you choose going forward?

Enjoy this reflection. Enjoy the abundance of good that will join you on your journey.

Much continued strength..



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