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Why I Love What I Do

Officially, by training & designation, I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Most people don’t know what that is.

“Katie, are you a life coach, or a business coach?” Yes and no, but neither. Having coach training, combined with my own experience and individuality is a whole new creation!

Here’s the deal: I am trained, certified, and experienced to coach human beings in the line of personal development.

I coach leaders inside and outside of organizations.

We coach amongst all facets of life. We aren’t limited to talk solely about work or health; we talk about it all because all are tied together. Each facet organically gives or takes energy from the other.

I choose to coach motivated, busy, fun, inspiring and aspiring individuals to help them: i) remain on point so they can show-up emotionally and physically strong in personal & professional life, and ii) help extract the potential and drive they have deep within.

I bring a bunch of beautiful tools I’ve learned over my years of experience, and through training. These are the natural outcomes from the tools:

  • Alignment. Aligning with your authentic self. Becoming aware of what you want and don’t want.

  • Perform. Feel the level you desire, and leverage the skill and talent you have.

  • Grow. Blaze trails, explore new frontiers, embrace challenge. Become more, or ironically, become less - that too is growth when we’re talking personal development.

  • Possibility. Dare to dream. The unbelievable becomes believable.

  • Impact. Contribute, share value, make a difference, set a positive example - influence those around you.

  • Self-Actualize. This is the highest rank on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Achieve your full potential, realize your aspirations, step into all the potential that you have within yourself.

I love what I do because I get the chance to impact individual life, and the life and vibe of the planet. I make people feel good – peaceful, harmonized, energized, fulfilled, certain, happy, love. This energy creates a vibration. It influences upwards, outwards, downwards, any which-way --- across our universe.

I get to be apart of this shift - apart of the evolution of leadership. Yowza! Frightening .. tempting .. exciting .. and extremely satisfying.

I love the essence that entrepreneurs, founders and creators bring. They value independence, and creation. They value playing full out. They are driven to achieve and inspire. They yearn to craft a unique path that’s a-typical, yet possible and successful. They value standing out. They have flare. They are self-aware, not afraid of hard-truths, and welcome challenge. They crave new possibilities, and have the grit & tenacity to keep doing the work.

There is mutual respect for one another because I too am a founder of my own path and vision.

I also choose to work with leaders inside organizations. Although they may not have the ownership stake, they’ve got emotional equity invested. They are motivated to make a difference, and have the opportunity in front of them to engage and inspire others. I came from working within an organization. I can relate to this experience and add value to it being an outsider.

This coaching space provides the rare opportunity to speak candidly, and authentically for sake of growth and clarity. We have captivating discussions that pushes forward into new transformational territory. This is incredibly special and rewarding for both of us.

We are brought together on this earth living life in pursuit of some sort of mission. This life is sacred and not to be taken for granted. I get to help people experience their full, whole selves; and lean into their full, whole life. Man this feels good. I continue to love what I do.



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