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A Secret to Business Growth

One secret to business growth - especially valuable in the midst of a global pandemic where business owners and practitioners are tasked with re-building, or are always looking for growth opportunities, is personal development. It is key in getting you and your business to the destination of desire.

a door that unlocks to business growth and opportunities

How so?

Cultivating and leveraging your existing talent, strengths and capabilities (squared) + (plus) applying new skills, attributes, perspective - (minus) thoughts/actions that don’t serve.

With this in mind, what becomes available to you for acquiring business growth or re-growth?

Here are 7 personal development gems to consider.

1. Vision. Get clear on what you’re after and then drive that vision forward full-on with and a complimentary correlation between your essence and your actions. Essence + action? One example to showcase the co-blend of essence and action is, direct + straightforward in asking for what you want in business conversations - not beating around the bush.

2. Self-Advocate. Take a stand for yourself and your mission. Try something new, or switch directions for what will best serve you and your purpose. This takes courage. Courage to fail. Courage to succeed. Courage to promote yourself. It’s human nature to fear judgment in trying something new - “won’t others notice and call me out on it?” Maybe. But I do know courage trumps over-analysis.

3. Lean on Support. For a lot it’s difficult to enlist help. Call on your troops to support you. Whether help lies within business, or personal, your supports are waiting for the call. “I need you to help me fulfill this mission because ____(you bring this set of skills, we have the opportunity to grow together, I can’t do this alone, etc.) ” The power of a collaborative team is immeasurable.

4. Overcome. Uncover the hurdles or mind blocks that are in your way. In coaching and personal development we call these sabotaging or limiting beliefs. Thank them for showing up to generate your awareness, but choose to lean into them with the antidote that heals and moves past the block. The sabotage may still be present now and then, but choose to hold your power. “I have the awareness you’re there sh*tty committee, but you’re in my rearview. What serves me is ___ (courage, integrity, self-authority, trust, etc.)” Remember, you are the driver, in command.

5. Be challenged. Take a step out of your comfort zone. Re-position yourself out of your ordinary. Ego loves staying safe, but there are opportunities beyond ego’s lens. Lean into those traits and actions that honour your whole human range and will help fulfill your vision, mission, purpose.

6. Re-frame. Flip the script. Look at the opportunities instead of the doom and gloom. You may think thoughts like, “competition is high, there’s no way I can compete!” That mindset certainly won’t win any medals, so try this instead, “there are lots of people out there for all of us to serve. I am unique in this way ___, and passionate about what I offer.”

7. Self-compassion. For goodness sakes be kind to yourself. Give yourself credit and look at what you’ve accomplished thus far. You are the unit, the vessel that’s representing the mission, so don’t tear him or her down. Honour that vessel.

Not only will you experience personal expansion, but you will get to where you want to go faster with personal development. You can stop wasting time and energy doing what doesn’t serve, and fully honour what does. Sharing your strengths and capabilities with passion is an attractor and boosts inner confidence. People are drawn to engage with people who are lit up with what they do. A sharp, focused mindset is essential in order to thrive. Plus it feels good to be clarified, intentional and optimistic – like a breath of fresh air.

When I ponder it myself, one of my favourite pieces of personal development is the role it plays in harmonizing all life elements. When you take the holistic approach and harmonize all life’s pieces, suddenly you have more energy to propel and excel in your business. Isn't life more satisfying this way?

What’s opened up for you now that you’ve read this? Where will this new awareness take you and your business?

PS. This content isn't solely applicable for individual use. Teams and groups fuse together when they congregate and work collectively on their development as a whole. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Enjoy the journey.



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