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Whole-Life-Harmony. It's the New Work-Life-Balance

Work-life-balance is a common, often eye-rolling catchphrase used in the professional community.

Instead, I refer to it as "whole-life-harmony".

Harmony is a ‘pleasing arrangement of parts’. It's easy to think of it as musical accompaniment, a really good mixed drink, steady flow of moving traffic, or a perfect blend of Starbucks' mocha-frappa-iced-iatta (not a typo!).

Now apply harmony to you as a person, and it becomes a pleasing arrangement of:

i) whole you (body, mind spirit), blended with

ii) life in front of you (work, family, marriage, classes, workouts, meetings, social causes, etc.)

To feel harmony on the inside and out, these two components play in tune.

As an executive and leadership coach, harmony is vital.

Why? So you can feel your best, be of positive influence, and receive harmony in return. Is it achievable? Keep reading ..

Humans are holistic beings. How we feel in one dimension of our life influences another. Ex:

- When work is stressful we are likely to carry that weight and angst home with us,

where it's difficult to feel present.

- On the flip, if health is top-shelf, we’re bound to be of the mindset of feeling

powerful and unstoppable in our performance

Here’s the other really cool piece about harmony to focus in on ... When you exude positive, resonant feelings of joy, peace, ease, contentment, etc., the Universal Law, “Law of Attraction”, says like attracts like. So if like attracts like then you can place a good, healthy bet on attracting the like back to you. Think along the lines of: emotions, encounters, experiences, and opportunities. Remember the children's book, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”, the worst kept getting worse. Where as fun, joy-filled days, like being celebrated on your birthday, just get better and better as the day goes on.

Is harmony achievable?

It seems hard to achieve in this fast paced, high-expectation society we live in, but, absolutely yes it is achievable. If you make it an essential intention or priority.

How to feel or get harmony?

I can’t tell you specifically how to do it for yourself – that’s the beauty of the one-on-one coaching space – but with good reflection questions noted below, there are some keys for you to try turning.

A. Go to your Wheel. The famous 8 spokes on your wheel of life (work, marriage/romance, family/friends, fun, health/self care, money, environment, personal growth). Take stock, or do a scan. What spoke needs attention? Remember, when one is depleted, or needing attention, it impacts how we feel in the other areas.

B. Create Good Vibrations. Good vibes multiply (Law of Attraction). Put yourself in a place that makes your heart feel full, and your whole self powerful. It’s specific to you, so let it be your own. What good is happening in my life? What am I proud of about me? What magic have I made happen? What do I have to look forward to?

C. Know your Limitations. Know when you’ve bit off more than you can chew. Most definitely you’ve been a miracle worker and busted your tail off, but this energy and speed can’t sustain itself. It’s a ticket to burn out and depletion. Check in with your ego. Stop taking on more. Let go of what you can. Choose intentionally by asking, what’s important for me? What can I let go of? Here’s an opp to let another shine.

D. Commit Quality Time and Focus. Robin Sharma, productivity guru and personal development legend recommends 60-90 min intervals of tight focus (no distractions), with a 10 min re-fuel rest. It doesn’t mean work all day long with this 60/10 formula. You choose the appropriate number of quality (not quantity) hours. Most importantly, keep your expectations of yourself in check. A timer can help you monitor your 60 mins of focus.

E. Body Geography. Our bodies can sense when a note is blatantly or quietly out of tune. Slow down and check-in. What feels off within my body? Put a hand there. What’s the message? What’s the truth? Now fan it with: What do I want? How do I want to feel? What’s the opp here?

F. Room to Rejuvenate Take time-outs to fill up your own cup. You cannot serve from an empty one. Self-care is essential for rejuvenation, and it is your own distinct recipe. It could be time away from others, or connection with others, exercise, good food, writing, music, sunshine, play, wellness rituals, intimacy. Again, it’s unique to you.

G. Connect With Your Future Self. Get aligned with your Future Self. Sit quietly and be with her/him. Imagine your Future Self being/feeling in complete harmony (for they are in complete harmony you know). What choice needs to be made that your Future Self will thank you for? Ah-ha.. pure gold.


And remember, harmony will ebb and flow rhythmically as you do, but making yourself conscious of it and using some of these keys will help create more flow.

Comments welcome to keep the harmony flowing ...


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